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Penemuan Planet Terbaru

Written By AAN PRAWIRA on Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010 | 28.10.10

The discovery of new planet Interpretation of the Artist of the atmosphere around the planet Interpretation of the Artist of the atmosphere around the planet Astronomers announced the discovery of the planet most like Earth, probably in the whole solar system. Planet is larger than Earth, but scientists say they are very sophisticated techniques to identify several large planets similar to Earth. Since the mid-1990s, astronomers have discovered over 170 planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. 

However, the new planet is at the center of our Milky Way is different, and make the experts believe that probably another world, many out there. Until now, most planets found around normal stars are giant gas planets like Saturn and Jupiter, a rocky planet Earth allegedly been found, but they orbit dead stars called neutron stars. So far, only a rocky planet found orbiting a normal star, but the amount of seven and a half times larger than Earth. And again, all the planets discovered recently, situated very close to the star to be habitable life. 

New planet – by the artist Trent Schindler in the National Science Foundation New planet – by the artist Trent Schindler in the National Science Foundation Identification of new planets outside our solar system most like Earth. The 73 scientists from 10 countries consider monitoring the amount was five times the land, and more distant from its star than the other planets, which is two times the distance of Earth from the sun. One of the discoverers of the planet, David Bennett of Notre Dame University in Indiana, he says, means that are outside the area that can dihunin life because permukannya temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. However, he said, is more interesting than the planets of the high temperature outside our solar system. 

Basically, David Bennett added: “We say they have opened a new window, and approached the planets like Earth, despite more attention to the planets where the temperature is below the earth.” CfAPlanetaryLightBerman23Mar052150 This invention is a new search technique is different from that used to find other planets. The old way did not see the planets directly, but the prediction of its presence by observing the stars of rock, gravity caused by the orbiting planet. This procedure tends to find the largest planets, hotter and closer to the star can not sustain life. 
New ways to use natural phenomenon called microlensing. With this technique, light from distant stars enlarged by the gravity of nearby stars, as the outbreaks of light passing through a magnifying glass. If a planet orbiting a star in the background, its severity can increase the brightness cahanya. French astronomers Jean Pierre Beaulieu Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, was surprised to see a large increase in the brightness of the light: “At first we thought that this star is more than what was lost observed. 

So we decided to do the measurement again pengukurna and the second is much brighter stars. We are very happy because this is what we’ve been looking for a long time. “ The researchers said the excess microlensing is a technique that can detect low-mass planets. Of course, this technique can be seen big stars as Jupiter is much easier, but so far only found two. David Bennett said if the big stars were more numerous in the universe, microlensing will certainly find more. 

David Bennett and colleagues reported these findings in the journal Nature, says, microlensing is more likely to discover low-mass planets in the coming months. Michael Turner of the National Science Foundation to help fund this research said the findings are a major advance in the effort to find the answer to the question “Are there other beings in this universe except on earth?.” With the discovery of more than 170 planets outside our solar system during the past 11 years, he said, the adventure of finding the answer to that question has begun.
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